Below you will find information and documents related to the Corporate Governance of IBT AB.

Extraordinary General Meeting

January 8 2017

IBT EGM Minutes with Attachments (Swedish)

Press Release EGM (English)

Annual General Meeting 2017

May 4, 2017

IBT AGM Minutes (Swedish)

Press Release AGM (English)


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AGM Announcement

Nomination Committee

Proxy form AGM

Proposal for Board Mandate Item 16


Information in Swedish

IBT kallelse AGM

Valberednings motivering

Fullmaktsformular AGM

Forslag till bemyndigande Punkt 16

Fullstandigt forslag till optionsprogram punkt 17

Bilaga A Punkt 17




Nominating Committee for the Annual General Meeting

The Nominating Committee of Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB was established by decision of the Board of Directors, and consists of the Chairman of Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB, Peter Rothschild, together with Per-Erik Andersson, representing Annwall & Rothschild Investment AB, the company’s largest shareholder, Sebastian Jahreskog, the company’s second largest shareholder, and Jannis Kitsakis, representing the company’s third largest shareholder Fjärde AP-Fonden.

Three members of the Nominating Committee are independent in relation to the company and its management.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare recommendations for the following matters to be put before the 2017 AGM for resolution:
a) appointment of the Chairman of the AGM
b) election of the Board of Directors
c) election of the Board Chairman
d) election of auditors
e) fees for members of the Board
f) fees for the auditors
g) appointment of the Nominating Committee ahead of the 2018 AGM.
Contact: Per-Erik Andersson 

Articles of Association

Articles of association for Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB is available below in Swedish and English:

IBT – Bolagsordning / Articles of Association


Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Report for Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB is available below in Swedish and English:

IBT – Corp. Gov. Report 2017

IBT – Bolagsstyrningsrapport 2017