IBT is a leading development company that will provide novel therapies influencing the human infant microbiome to prevent or treat diseases. 


Premature infants are the most vulnerable beings on the planet and for them to survive, grow and thrive they need intensive and specialized care. Although advances in medical care and handling over the last 30 years have improved survival and well-being of these sensitive infants, both in the immediate post-natal period and in their subsequent lives, current drugs and therapies are mostly designed for adults and are not adapted to this specific and vulnerable patient population. Specific treatment and prophylactic therapy are thus underdeveloped and there is an urgent demand for drugs designed for the unique needs of the premature baby.


IBT has a vision to become an internationally recognized and leading company in the development of therapies to prevent or treat diseases of the premature infants.


To learn more about premature infants and preterm birth, see the World Health Organization website.




IBT identifies areas of high unmet medical need in premature infants and effectively develops innovative therapies.


IBT develops, and intends to market and sell safe and efficacious therapies well adapted to its purpose that affects infants’ microbiome and thereby prevent or treat rare diseases that affects premature infants. IBT seeks to remain close to the needs expressed by healthcare providers and parents to provide satisfactory therapeutic solutions and continuously improve its offering.