The class B share of Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm since September 10, 2018.

The total registered share capital of Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB consists of 377,736 class A shares with 10 votes per share and 10,848,448 class B shares with one vote per share, in total 11,226,184 shares.


Analyst coverage

Analysts that cover IBT

SEB: Christopher W. Uhde, PhD, Carl Mellerby, Mattias Vadsten


Nasdaq listing

Prospectus (in Swedish)

Infant Bacterial Therapeutics Listning Prospekt

Photos from the Nasdaq listing


Taxation of dividend of shares in IBT

Our assessment is that the dividend of shares in Infant Bacterial therapeutics AB (IBT) is exempt from taxation in Sweden based on the s.c. Lex ASEA – rules. The cost of the shares in BioGaia which entitle dividend shall be allocated between those shares and received IBT shares. The allocation of cost shall be based on the change in value of the shares in BioGaia resulting from the dividend of the shares in IBT.

Skatteverket have provided guidance regarding allocation. See the enclosed link to the homepage of Skatteverket.


Trading information

Short name on Nasdaq Stockholm: IBT B

ISIN-code B-share: SE0008015259

The shares are registered by the Euroclear Sweden AB Central Securities Depository. Actual share information from Nasdaq OMX Stockholm here.